Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Volcano Taco

Loyal JIDYT reader T. hit up the famed "Hospital Bell" last week at the hospital on the corner of Atlantic Ave and Hicks st. in Brooklyn

hours are not confirmed for this specialty bell, but upon his sunlit weekday arrival, it was open:

It really is inside a hospital:

It is actually a taco bell "express" but that usually does the trick. Unless of course you are looking for some sort of buffalo meat 7 layer mexi-melt gordita wrapped in a chalupa sprinkled with churro dust, which you might have to visit a more expansive Taco Bell for. But the TB express functions as a true utilitarian taco bell, serving up a limited menu that is probably not all that limited due to the vast amount of TB meals you can cook up within a set amount of slightly variable ingredients.

T. had arrived that day to sate a hunger based on advertising.

His hunger was sated - apparently the first one was only OK, but the second one was just right. Technically the difference between a volcano taco and a taco taco is a red shell and a "volcanic" cheese sauce. One would also thing that adding the Taco Bell "fire" sauce to this equation would be both name appropriate as well as delicious.

Volcano Taco - Jammed!

here are some other kids that are excited about this: