Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer BK ICE guest jam

loyal reader BR jammed some ice down at Sal's on court st. in carroll gardens:

"half-jammed lemon & kiwi sorbet at sal's.....summertastic"

Monday, July 7, 2008

Guest Taco Jam

Jam it reader "TW" reports from Sunset Park Brooklyn:

So, yeah.. Crazy taco scene in sunset park confirmed. I went to Metamoras which is on 5th ave b/w 45th and 46th. The place was clean, staff was nice, and tacos cheap and delicious. I dropped a little espanol on them, but they spoke back to me in English, so I guess they weren't impressed. There are two kinds of pork -- carnitas and enchiladas. I had the enchiladas, which is apparently the spicier version of the carnitas. It was the best. I also had chicken and carne asada. The chicken was surprisingly good.. just the right mixture of tender white meat and crispy dark meat. It actually tasted like chicken (in a good way)... not just a sauce and topping delivery mechanism. The carne asada hada nice char-grilled almost smoky flavor to it. It was good, but probably the least flavorful of the three. They come topped with cilantro onion mix and guacamole. I would consider getting the guacamole on the side in the future, because it sort of overpowers the other flavors and textures. Scraping it off is risky since the toppings get stuck to it.

Tacos come in two sizes - pequeno and grande. Prices are about 1.50 and 2.50. Two grandes is definitely plenty. Two kinds of house salsa - green and red. Both are delicious. Green is best on the white meats, red on the red. Pretty standard. The tacos were rolled into cones and wrapped in wax paper. Sort of like incorrectly made falafel sandwiches. I'm not a fan of the cone wrapping steeze for any kind of food, since the first bite is all meat and toppings and the last bite is just wax paper, but in the case of the Metamoras tacos it was tolerable. Ditch the wax paper and redistribute the filling. Easy fix. Tacos Xochimilco is across the street and is supposed to be good too. I'll hit that next time.

FYI, Sunset "park" is a block away. It looks SKETCHY.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

guest star jams

PmcG's 2nd annual flag cake:

KA's peanut butter chocolate powdered sugar chex mix:::


she also rocked some banana pudding:

MB's danger snacks:

freedom cake jam

36 ice cream sandwiches
3 80z tubs Cool Whip
1 jar hot fudge
2 large (6 serving) boxes instant chocolate pudding mix
30 oreos
freedom flakes.

note: this is a tripled version of an original recipe that came in a junk mail magazine from kraft foods. it was the best piece of junk mail we have ever received.

1. in a bowl combine three generous cups of cool whip with a normal sized jar of hot fudge and stir until you have a light and fluffy chocolate cool whip.

NOTE: my grandmother may have invented chocolate cool whip, though there is no documentation to prove this. It should be noted however that decades ago, she had a vision and started pouring chocolate syrup into cool whip containers and mixing it together for an even better version of the original. We salute you Lois, and the freedom of mind that makes you a true dessert visionary.

2. once cool whip is chocolatified, mix in the pudding mix, followed by two dozen crushed up oreo cookies. - easiest way to crush em it to put them all in a ziplock back and then just mash em up with your hands. - mix it all together for awhile. its going to get thick, its going to start to hurt your wrist, but its going to get all delicious like this:

2.5. if the mixture gets too thick, pour in some milk. that will also help the pudding mix from being too crispy, which is a weird mouth feel.

3. it helps to have a helper at this point cause it is about to get hectic, and you just don't need that sort of stress. get one box of ice cream sandwiches out, and lay them end to end - we did 12 across here:

4. as soon as the first layer is down, start laying on a way thick coating of the fudge mixture. you want to use about half of it for this layer - if you are smart, your co-captain is already unwrapping the second layer of sandwiches, and as those go down you put on a second layer of the fudge. finally you top that with a THIRD layer of ice cream sandwiches:

5. this thing is huge and melty, right? you're almost there though, keep your eyes on the prize kid. you should have some cool whip left, now is when you use all of it to cover the outside of the cake:

6. wrap that thing in foil and very carefully move it to your freezer. you should probably have prepared ahead here and made a bunch of room in your freezer so that you can fit all this in there.
(also seen in freezer, chocolate chip waffles (see earlier jam), new italian flavored chik patties, veggie cakes, vegan riblets (major ingredient in award winning vegan chili), klondike bars '07, fresh direct olive pizza, soft pretzels, ice)

7. it is now the next day. did i tell you to prepare this a day ahead? i should have. sorry about that. also, the next steps work best if you happen to both a. live in america and b. be celebrating your nation's independence - though if you change the color of sprinkles you can probably celebrate any nation's independence in style with this cake.

anyway - crush the remaining oreos on top and then sprinkle with the rainbow of freedom:

this feeds about 30? not really sure. if you are lucky there is some left over. cut it thin, and you might get lucky and have some to eat when everyone goes home.

also, the thin slice is fine for showing off the best part of this, which is the mega intense cross section (from the bottom up: cookie, ice cream, cookie, fudge filling, cookie, ice cream, cookie, fudge filling, cookie, ice cream, cookie, cool whip, toppings) :

if done properly, ever bite is an Ultimate Morsel (tm)