Tuesday, February 23, 2010


whoa. where have we been?
i have no idea.
oh wait.
we were JAMMING.

staffer and resident roast beef sandwich expert "NC" resurrects the jam with his visit to the newly erected Fulton Mall Arbys!

(image stolen from Brownstoner.com)

"First, it is the nicest fast food restaurant i have ever been in (move over, Naugles) and probably the nicest space in the whole fulton mall (though foot action looked pretty sick).

Second, it is Arbys. I can eat 5 regular roast beefs.*

Third, there is a bar that serves their crappy "healthy" lunches. But it made me think about an actual bar operating there and a chill went down my spine.

Fourth, there is a bell by the exit/entrance (a revolving door!) that you can ring "if you had great service." Rang it, because WE DID: It was nearly empty, there were 4 people for every task all talking about how they hope they dont lose their jobs because it is so slow, the woman who handed you your food called out your number and then made a rhyme like "189, hope your meal is fine" and there is a whole table of sauces. This guy I went with got a mysterious container of "Bronco Berry Sauce." It was jelly.

Fifth, when you ring it the entire staff by the registers bellows out some inane corporate slogan but its cool because IT RHYMES TOO. I think it is "Our guests are the best." No, Arbys, YOU are the best.