Sunday, August 2, 2009


We snapped a picture of this place a week or two back when we heard it was opening in the old Paninoteca 275 space on Smith st:

Yesterday, after finding out it had opened last Tuesday, we made it over to close out a long day (that also involved the amazing Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick)

Frequent Jammer B was along for the trip and being an expert on these sort of matter I will let him do the jamming:
The Wingbar

I've eaten more chicken wings than you. Way more. I'm a bit of a wing snob. This new spot on Smith St makes them well:

Not only that, but you can get pitchers of beer for $7.50:

I could probably ramble on about ambiance and the other menu items (one of our party had a BBQ tofu sub:

and I, in fact, enjoyed a gin lemonade) but honestly, the place is called wingbar. Good wings, cheap beer. Perfect.