Sunday, November 9, 2008

C's Pizza Jam

Loyal Reader "C" checks in with the following Guest Jam:

"Just jammed some "upside down" pizza from famous house of pizza and calzones. With meatballs on top."

"It was good."

JIDYT: Why is it called upside down pizza?
"C": Maybe because the sauce is on top of the cheese sort of.

Halloween Candy/Cookie Jam

The Concept:
to create a cookie using assorted halloween candies in the place of chocolate chips...

click above image for downloadable pdf recipe

candies included:

Reese's Pieces
Kit Kat
Take 5
Hershey w/ Almonds


OCD arrangement of all the ingredients prior to cooking:

The incredible results: - (note: nougat and caramel do weird and wonderful things when subjected to high heat)