Monday, February 23, 2009

TRIPLE B's RI Clam Jam

jam it road report:

friday night on our road gig, my band went to iggy's doughboy and chowder house, supposedly the second best chowder house in RI. we talked to locals. they all sounded like peter griffin. they seemed more interested in our gig than the food, but they were lining up for takeout. most popular item was the 3 clam cakes and bowl of chowder combo. vinny the drummer had this meal, and a clamcake is visible in the center background of the pic. too doughey, not enough clam for our tastes. i had the clam and scallops dinner, which consisted of fried bay scallops, fried whole clam bellies (or strips for a buck less, but i chose bellies), french fries, and chowder. i also had one of their house-branded root beers. it was all pretty awesome. the fried clams were maybe the best i've had, ever. they were big and breaded and juicy and perfect with just some lemon juice. the chowder (red and white available, we all went white) was good but the clam/potato ratio was leaning a little too potato. somehow, i skipped the other specialty of the house, the doughboys. they looked like funnel cake blobs and i didn't want to fill up before our gig. we all agreed that we'll be back the next time we rock rhode island. special thanks to the guidebook at the holiday inn express in warwick (pronounced "werick") RI for the tip.

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