Monday, June 2, 2008

ChocoWaffle Jam

2 eggo chocolate chip waffles
3 scoops Ben & Jerry's "Vermonty Python" Ice Cream
2 Ice cream sandwiches, chopped
one handful dark chocolate ships
one handful raw almonds
chocolate syrup
Caramel syrup

make it happen:
- toast two waffles for 5 minutes
- put cooked waffles on plate with a scoopof ice cream on each waffle and a scoop in the middle (acting as some sort of land bridge between waffles)
- sprinkle with ice cream sandwich chunks, chocolate chips and almonds
- apply chocolate and caramel syrups liberally, and with a little flair

feeds 4:


OJS said...

That looks so fucking good, I want to jam it down my fucking throat!

Matthew said...

i think it looks kind of... too sweet. post pics of the other ice-cream sandwich creation you were talking about.