Saturday, June 21, 2008

Indian dinner party jam review

P&A hosted an indian dinner party on friday with a wonderful menu:

samosas / mint chutney (to be discussed in more depth momentarily) - Samosas were hand folded and filled with onion potato flavor. baken in an oven, but browned golden enough to make your brain think they were deep fried. HIGHLY JAMMABLE:

chicken curry/fancyrice/stringbeans and onions curry/shredded carrot saladslaw/naan:

mint chutney may be the cornerstone of indian cuisine. it is both delicious and green, and it makes everything better.
This leads us to a new concept - The Ultimate Morsel(tm).
each meal has an ultimate morsel. it is the most delicious combination of all the things at the table. sometimes it involves them all, sometimes it only involves a single perfect part of the cuisine.
for this meal, The Ultimate Morsel (tm) involved a small strip of naan, wrapped around a bite size piece of chicken, and dipped heavily into mint chutney. the resulting bite was something like a soft mini taco with extreme indian flavors. behold:

everything got jammeddunzo:

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Phoebe said...

love the drop of grease (or is it a single grain of basmati?) hanging from my index finger in the morsel pic.