Monday, July 7, 2008

Guest Taco Jam

Jam it reader "TW" reports from Sunset Park Brooklyn:

So, yeah.. Crazy taco scene in sunset park confirmed. I went to Metamoras which is on 5th ave b/w 45th and 46th. The place was clean, staff was nice, and tacos cheap and delicious. I dropped a little espanol on them, but they spoke back to me in English, so I guess they weren't impressed. There are two kinds of pork -- carnitas and enchiladas. I had the enchiladas, which is apparently the spicier version of the carnitas. It was the best. I also had chicken and carne asada. The chicken was surprisingly good.. just the right mixture of tender white meat and crispy dark meat. It actually tasted like chicken (in a good way)... not just a sauce and topping delivery mechanism. The carne asada hada nice char-grilled almost smoky flavor to it. It was good, but probably the least flavorful of the three. They come topped with cilantro onion mix and guacamole. I would consider getting the guacamole on the side in the future, because it sort of overpowers the other flavors and textures. Scraping it off is risky since the toppings get stuck to it.

Tacos come in two sizes - pequeno and grande. Prices are about 1.50 and 2.50. Two grandes is definitely plenty. Two kinds of house salsa - green and red. Both are delicious. Green is best on the white meats, red on the red. Pretty standard. The tacos were rolled into cones and wrapped in wax paper. Sort of like incorrectly made falafel sandwiches. I'm not a fan of the cone wrapping steeze for any kind of food, since the first bite is all meat and toppings and the last bite is just wax paper, but in the case of the Metamoras tacos it was tolerable. Ditch the wax paper and redistribute the filling. Easy fix. Tacos Xochimilco is across the street and is supposed to be good too. I'll hit that next time.

FYI, Sunset "park" is a block away. It looks SKETCHY.

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