Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whoa!! New TACO Place! Jam

You're walking down Smith St. and all of a sudden there is a taco place where there used to be half a trinket store? WHAT? who is this lucky?

"yo dude. I am your friend calling you because a new taco place opened.
No, i have no idea. It Just appeared, sick right?"

I am this lucky and am accompanied by B who lives above said taco place and saw it last night and got confused because he didn't think he was on his own block, but he was. WHOA. Dude, there is now a taco place right on your block. let's get tacos.

the kitchen - still doing work. place opened on sat. going to be a griddle where that oven is now (good idea)

Place is called OAXACA. Owner was in there serving the food and making sure all were happy. nice guy, seemed interested in everyone's opinon. gave us a free shot of Horchata after the meal which was delicious, and only seemed mildly suspicious of me photographing my meal.

went with the 3 taco rice and beans deal:


and chicken:

corn tortillas that will get better when they cook them on a grill top. Steak was big chunks, chicken shredded was my least favorite of the 3 and the pork was probably the best - shredded, pretty juicy and with a nice spicy kick from the sauce.

B, in a move that totally does not benefit this post, got the exact same thing.
they have Jarritos too, that soda pretty much rules, and I got the grapefruit flavor which also tastes like that awesome soda Ting. Ting is a seriously good soda.

Bite me Menupages:

verdict: jammed.
will jam again. tortas are intriguing. these guys are just getting started.


Snitch said...

I think I acted perfectly in line with the spirit of this blog as before we even walked in I stated I would start ordering at the top of the menu and work my way through. If anything you, the master of this blog, failed to differentiate YOUR order from mine.

Also, my meat flavor preference was the same as yours.

Also also, I'll likely be going back tonight.

Christian Stadler said...

this is on smith between douglass and degraw.

Snitch said...

I've been back several times. It seems to get better each time. The pork taco is the clear leader. The griddle is there and I noticed as I was leaving that they now have tamales. I'll have to try one of those.