Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return Taco Place Jam: B's Revenge

Sticking by his pledge to eat the entire menu, avid JIDYT reader returned to Yesterday's taco joint once more for further investigation.

B recounts:

Tonight I ordered the Steak Torta (Romaine, Pickled Onion, black bean
salsa on talera bread) as well as chips & guac & salsa.

The steak was much better than the steak in the tacos. It was cooked medium rare
and was much juicier which is impressive considering it appeared to be
just a thin skirt steak. My guess is this is due to the fact that the
steak destined for the tacos appeared pre-diced and therefore probably
simply dried out which seems like something that corrects itself with
increased business. The bread was good, though it could have been
toasted a bit more. The chips were a bit disappointing as they were
just generic tortilla chips whereas a lot of the mexican joints in the
neighborhood have fresh - or at least more authentic seeming -
chips...but then again, tostidos also kick ass. The guac and salsa
were both good. The meal, while good, didn't blow me away, BUT...I
heard the words 'soft opening' as I waited for my order, so I imagine
the few small negatives will probably be corrected.

Final verdict...I foresee myself eating this sandwich a number of
times in the future but ultimately I think this is going to be a taco
joint for me (until I try the other tortas which also sound good).
Considering I'm working from home tomorrow, and home is now
essentially Oaxaca, I'll probably test that theory out during lunch
tomorrow when I eat more tacos.


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